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Expanding of the markt of the flats


The hirado.hu online portal said - according to the research of ingatlan.com, that parallel to the house and flat market, the market for holiday homes and weekend houses is getting more and more lively. Demand for holiday homes has revived in the recent years, more and more households - after the crisis - can afford to buy an own holiday home.

The real estate market by the Balaton represents an exceptional part of the market, some of the properties which have the same parameters has the same price level like in Budapest. "In the future, tourism and other developments - based on EU funds - can have a significant, positive impact, which can bring appreciation," said Mr. László Balogh, the leading economic expert by the company ingatlan.com.

The Balaton region is exceptional in the holiday market, and in several settlements it advertises flat rates at price level like in Budapest, for example, 575 000 forints per square meter of an apartment in Balatonfüred. In Somogy county, 272 000 forints per square meter; in Veszprém 258 000 forints per square meter are the average rates, which means a 5-6% increase.

The market of the holiday homes is also indirectly influenced by the growth of domestic tourism. According to the ingatlan.com, the development of tourism is also important for the buyers and owners of the holiday homes, because in unfrequented periods these properties can be rented for even shorter periods, if the owner has this kind of preferences.

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