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A new Moscow-Sármellék flight is being started by russian airline company UTair

A through service between Moscow to Sármellék is coming into operation from the 23rd of this March. Planes taking off from Vnukovo Airport now will be directly landing at Sármellék Balaton Airport-published on the 10th of February by the Air Traffic Journal,Airline Route. Utair will fly a flight to Sármellék on every Sundays, using Boing 737-800 type of Airplanes. The Airliners will due to be arriving from Moscow at 11.30 a.m. and departing back to the Russian Capital at 12.50 p.m. The same company/Utair earlier used to run service flights to Budapest, too. Mostly they are running national and charter flights with the help of a fleet of 109 Airliners. According to the latest business-reports by them, in 2013 they flew 10,4 Million passangers, which is a 10% increase comparing to the figures of 2012, and usually their services are operated with a 77% of saturation.


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