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Unique motorhome - Volkswagen California Balaton Edition

  Volkswagen California is one of the best known camping cars. From this 30-year-old model, the manufacturer offers a wealth of unique models. The entire model family started from the transformation of a Transporter in 1951, thanks to the Westfalia company for mobile homes. California has already been named by Volkswagen - this remarkable event now has an important anniversary since these models came out in the Volkswagen palette in 1988. więcej

International recognition - Hungary among the best investment destination countries in the world

https://hipa.hu/kezdolap  Hungary was ranked among the 10 best investment destinations in the world, and ranked at two other levels in the best regions, according to the report of the Site Selection Global Best to Invest 2018 (source: Magyar Idők). The National Investment Agency (HIPA) became the price the best investment agency in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. więcej

The newest developments of the Balaton region

  According to a research by ingatlan.com and hirbalaton.hu, nowadays real estate of the Balaton region grew by 15-20%, said Mr. László Balogh, the leading economic expert by ingatlan.com. It has become a general trend that many people are planning to buy a holiday home, which will bring prices at the same time more and more higher. więcej

New investment destination - Hévíz and its surroundings

Hévíz, Széchenyi street  Countless developments will start in the southwestern area of the lake Balaton, further enhancing the attractiveness of the area. In addition to Keszthely and Gyenesdiás, the city of Hévíz can get new dynamics through various real estate developments and it is expected that investors will discover the spa town as well. więcej

Hungary is among the safest countries

Hungary is already one of the 15 most secure countries in the world today, but the government of the state has given the goal of moving into the TOP10 - according to the government press conference in July 2017. This is a great success that Hungary was able to take 15th place among 163 countries in terms of safety. więcej

The Emirates Airlines coming to Budapest

From this autumn on there is a Budapest-Dubai charter taken – off every day, which can deliver more than 3,800 passengers a week.   It was just a short time ago reported in Dubai that Emirates Airline will start a daily charter flight between Budapest and Dubai. The new air connection is starting up on the 27th of October and makes several cities of Asia, the Near East and Australia, what is more even Rio De Janeiro and Buenos Aires available with just very short changing times. więcej


10,000 guest-beds,1,08 million guest-nights per year,164 units of catering and entertainment and 264 shops plus one international airport are all waiting for guests at Héviz who can from the 28th of this July also reach the West-Balaton region by using CSA flights from Praag.   First time this year, soon a new direct flight between Prague and Héviz-Lake Balaton will be started which-according to plans-will be flying passengers until the middle of November. więcej

New Western European charter flights in Sarmellek

This year’ s charter season started at the airport in Sármellék in the middle of April. Flights came from Frankfurt of the Lufthansa Regional, and from Friedrichshafen of the InterSky. First 70 passangers arrived from Frankfurt in Hévíz-Balaton Airport. The German passangers were greeted by Gábor Papp, the Mayor of Hévíz and Henry Reutel, the director of Lufthansa. więcej

More newer charter flights bound for Héviz

Mutsch Ungarn Reisen and PA Touristik, the strategic-business partners of  the Hungarian Tourism Plc. , similarly to the practice of previous years are now again going on with their increasing of number of flights, kind of taking out a bigger and bigger share of theirs of the international market in 2014. więcej

A new Moscow-Sármellék flight is being started by russian airline company UTair

A through service between Moscow to Sármellék is coming into operation from the 23rd of this March. Planes taking off from Vnukovo Airport now will be directly landing at Sármellék Balaton Airport-published on the 10th of February by the Air Traffic Journal,Airline Route. Utair will fly a flight to Sármellék on every Sundays, using Boing 737-800 type of Airplanes. więcej

Think Hungary - More than expected


The 22nd Award-Giving Gala of Tourism

The "TOP 50", the newest publication about the fifty most influential people of Hungarian Tourism-among whom Gábor Papp,The Mayor of Héviz is also listed-was issued by " TurizmusKft." (Tourism Ltd.) and introduced at the 22nd Award Giving Gala and Year Opening Reception.   The centre theme of the whole Gala was tailored around this special issue,the Top 50,in which the top 50 biggest experts of National Tourism are introduced who were with the greatest influence to the Touristic Industry in 2013. więcej

Hévíz - the first Chinese Official Music Video about the town


Planned highlighted developments of Hévíz

Planned highlighted developments of Hévíz  for the term from 2014 to 2020   CULTURAL AND CONFERENCE CENTER   According to the plans the central part of Hévíz – now replaced by a football field - could be an ideal place for the new Cultural Center of the town. The planned facility would serve also as an International standard venue for conferences. więcej

Wizz Air may start flights from Sármellék to London

Further developing the Hévíz-Balaton Airport, which is owned by the Hévíz Municipality. After the low-cost flights provided by Air Baltic, Wizz Air seems to appear at Sármellék, too. In 2013 the passenger traffic had increased by 25,000 instead of the previous year’s figure of 14,000. In the last 1-2 years a significant number of Russian guests have found their ways to Hévíz, so they have also generated a significant increase in traffic at the airport. więcej

Hévíz trust only itself

Several Balaton Uplands settlements did not want to be included in the World Heritage List. Therefore, Hévíz starts alone in the competition. It might take long years to reach this goal.   Hévíz would like to be admitted to the World Heritage List again. The topic came up more than a decade ago, but so far only in words. więcej

This will be one of the most beautiful short of Lake Balaton

Keszthely will have the most beatiful shore of Lake Balaton – insisted Jenő Manninger M.P.  the President of the Assembly of Zala Country and Róbert Pálinkás Deputy Mayor of Keszthely on a Press Conference. The second phase of the development of Lake Balaton has started. Walkers can meet again construction areas on the shore, beacause of the construction of another large project. więcej

Orbán Viktor recommended Hévíz – guests from Saudi Arabia were in Hévíz

The President of the meeting council Madzslisz as-sura of Saudi Arabia visited Hévíz during his staying in Hungary. Abdallah as-Sheikh and his entourage was welcomed by Gábor Papp, the Mayor and József Janos Kepli, the Deputy Mayor in the Town Hall. The Mayor had held a presentation about the town of Hévíz for the guests, in the middle of it were issues the Lake and therapy. więcej

EUR 265 Million tourism development in Zalacsány

East-Central Europe’s largest tourism investment is being prepared by Gábor Széles.   One 160 - acre golf course, a 200 room hotel, a 9,000 – square – foot spa center and a Golfvillage consists of 400 villas, all  will have a place  in the Zala Springs project – said by Gábor Széles the owner of ’’ Magyar Hírlap (a Hungarian news paper). więcej

Adapting to new demands in Hévíz

Walking along the streets of downtown in Hévíz in the evening, we can see middle-aged and elderly tourists peacefully window-shopping and we can often hear Russian words.    Hévíz has always been loud with foreign words, before German was on the first place, but now Cyrill letters can be seen on business signs, on menus, shop- windows. więcej

Further expand of flights may come to Balaton Airport

After having carried out its plans of this year her supply might be widen with further East and Central European flights – the head of the Balaton Airport informed the MTI.   Attila Benkő, the Excutive Director of the company owned by the Council of Hévíz said that after the 13,700 passenger traffic of last year, this year a 25,000 traffic of  arriving and departing passengers is planned at Sármellék, where until now 24,500  travellers have turned at, and in the last days of December three, while carrying over into first two weeks of January yet ten other Russian charter planes are to be arriving for the Orthodox Christmas. więcej

More and more foreign guest in Hévíz

In the  recent  years  guests are  arriving in bigger and bigger numbers from the Markets  targeted  by the Council of Héviz-mainly from East Asia-said the mayor of the resort to MTV (a Hungarian TV Chanel) reporters. Gábor Papp a FIDESZ-KDNP (the name of two Hungarian Parties) supporter recalled  that the  expressed aim of the council-founded in  2010-was the completion of  the then  starting ring ofvisitors with a new guest circle, and such, the efforts of the last three years  has already come  with good results. więcej

Opening the gate for China

Since the approved the aim country status Hungary has been waiting for ten years for Chinese tourist flow to us. The Goverment present measures orientating eastward awaken hope in many concerning the  powerful increase of Chinese entry. One of which ’ hardships is optaining visa. The Major events of the last weeks in briefs: Budapest has become the regional center of tourism of the Eastern and Central Europe-China Cooperation. więcej

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